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Professional Cleaning Service

CALL 1300 268 907 NOW FOR A QUOTE


Professional Cleaning Service

CALL 1300 268 907 NOW FOR A QUOTE


Professional Cleaning Service

NDIS Participants

If you are registered for the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) for Home Duties then we are the company to use.

We have trustworthy empathetic, understanding & flexible cleaners who will make your home living a lot more comfortable.

Contact us to talk about accessing our cleaning services on your NDIS plan .

All of our work is covered by Public Liability insurance and workers compensation.

If you want to know more about the NDIS check out their website.

The extensive range of services we provide includes:


general cleaning

linen changing

bed making

internal window cleaning


fridge cleaning









CALL 1300 268 907 NOW FOR A QUOTE

Cleaning products and related equipment can be provided by us or by you…….we can create something specific to your needs and requirements

(Excluded Services: Changing of light bulbs, outside areas including BBQs, swimming pools, high reach areas and external window cleaning).

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